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    Holistic Sanctuary: The Place To Treat Substance Abuse And Addiction

    The Holistic Cure For PTSD and Revolutionary Healing System Offered at The Holistic Sanctuary.

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    Substance abuse, depression, alcoholism, and PTSD are an under-acknowledged occurrence in the society. With the prevalence of advertisements for drug rehab centers, prescription drugs, and a high percentage of incarcerated drug users, most people believe that such issues are being kept under control. On the contrary, these problems have been swept under the rug.

    A recent survey on drug addiction indicates that 24 million Americans have used illicit drugs. Approximately, 19.6 million suffered from a substance abuse disorder. This implies that one in every 10 Americans has a substance addiction that would surprise many people out there.

    With the high rate of substance abuse and alcoholism, the Holistic Sanctuary was established to alleviate the never-ending issues not only in the U.S. but also around the world. The company is the only licensed luxury treatment center that provides the Pouyan Method with Sacred Plant Medicine. This includes the treatment protocol with a lifetime guarantee.

    The Holistic Sanctuary can be considered an Exclusive Holistic Medical Spa that treats PTSD, addiction, alcoholism, depression, and many more. Since 2010, they have evolved their system and brought healing up to the par. They are now world-class pioneers of the treatment for mental health, physical, and spiritual issues. What they do is that they treat the person by healing the mind, body, and soul.

    Unlike any other treatment solutions available in the market, their proprietary and exclusive Pouyan Method is far different. It is truly proven and effective that lead to a holistic and successful result in no time. The company owns the patent and intellectual property rights to this healing protocol. They use the Pouyan Method to heal their patients of all ages from the inside. The process is done without maintenance drugs and prescription medications. The method is regarded as the best treatment for PTSD, depression, and eating disorders. The healing helps patients bring back the brain in its pre-addicted condition.

    With the prevalence of substance abuse, addiction, and depression, lots of unreliable service providers come out in the market. And it’s hard to identify the one that bests suits the client’s specific needs. At the Holistic Sanctuary, they are reputed for individualized, responsive, and relevant services. Compared to their competitors, they do not conduct group meetings. They do not offer talk therapy or prescribe medication. Over the past few years, they do not believe in these approaches and science indicates that such solutions do not work. That’s why the company has created and developed scientific-based healing method and advanced method to create a system that works. They adopt the service that existed a thousand years ago.

    Due to the effectiveness of the treatment, the company is proud that some have been cured. Now, they can live life to the fullest. Their method is too simple and not as complicated as other solutions. The Holistic Sanctuary provides customized plant-based medicine and one-on-one therapy. They believe in mind, body, and soul healing. Plus, they never use toxic and addictive therapies. They only have private sessions for 150 hours per month. This encompasses yoga, HBOT, massage, Reiki, and colonic enemas.

    The Holistic Sanctuary is founded by Johnny Tabaie, who remains committed to helping people battle addiction, PTSD, alcohol dependence, and depression. His solution, commonly known as the Pouyan Method, is the fruitful result of his journey to defeat his 20-year addiction, depression, eating disorders, thoughts of suicide, and other harmful behaviors.

    Mr. Tabaie had been researching, developing, and testing the treatment for half a decade. With his efforts, he helps people recover from the physical and emotional pain that has been linked to substance abuse and chemical dependencies. His commitment to using natural solutions reflects his knowledge about the causes of substance dependency and his tragic experiences with rehab centers. He is proud to be a survivor. His mother and brother also suffered from addiction. That’s why he empathizes with families suffering from the same condition.

    For more information about the Holistic Sanctuary, please feel free to visit Take action today before it’s too late. The whole company is glad and passionate to help those who are in need! You will feel comforted and get treated in the best way possible!