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    Posted on Sep 30, 2015

    These Women Wore Cargo Shorts For A Week And Decided They Were OK

    "Now I see a more vulnerable side of cargo shorts."

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    A lot of people have passionate feelings about cargo shorts. It's a thing!

    Some people see them as social suicide: "If you wear cargo shorts, you're just throwing in the towel on being attractive."

    While others have been teased for loving them: "I have been shamed into not wearing them anymore."

    But at least everyone can agree: They're handy.

    To really get the full cargo experience, these four ladies were instructed to wear a pair for a week:

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    The women weren't too stoked, but the upside was that they "won't get catcalled in cargo shorts."

    They weren't too pleased about having to wear them during their weekend plans, though.

    "Wait, I have to wear it this weekend?! Oh no. I didn't know that was part of it. Oh god."

    "I'm going to a wedding, I'm meeting my girlfriend's parents for the first time...cargo shorts could be the worst possible thing I could wear."

    It was only the first couple minutes, and they were already feeling so many things.

    "I feel even gayer than I thought I could."

    But as the week wore on, some of them found the extra pockets to be very practical for carrying baked goods!

    Turns out, dogs also love ’em, because their humans can carry extra dog treats.

    It was a very transformative week for some.

    "I don't know who I am anymore, because I like cargo shorts."

    But not for others.

    "I feel kind of bad, because I'm going to a bar with my friends and I'm not going to wear my cargo shorts."

    At the end of the week, the women said that they got more and more comfortable wearing them and felt very free.

    Although sometimes they felt like 12-year-old skater boys.

    "It's so comfortable to use pockets...and convenient. Like, I didn't really need to carry a purse, which was great. I get it now. I get why guys would own cargo shorts. It's not the worst."

    "I used to think that they were gross but now I see a more vulnerable side to cargo shorts."

    There you have it. Don't judge someone until you walk a mile in their shorts.