15 Reasons Why You Fell In Love With Chandler Bing

We are all just as hopeless and awkward and desperate for love as he is.

1. Because of his adorable, awkward non-smiles.

2. Because of his impeccable dancing skills, obviously.

3. Because he understands how it feels to be a girl.

4. Because he knows how to make weapons out of kitchen supplies.

You will never feel safer at home.

5. Because you know that he’s an expert in computer.

Microsoft Word can suck it.

6. Because he’s not afraid to celebrate self-pride.


7. Because he has a positive attitude towards sex.

8. Because he appreciates nice, hot baths.

9. And sometimes shares them with the duck.

10. Because he values the significance of a new year kiss.

11. Because he respects the moral code of sportsmanship.

12. Because he is dearly self-conscious.

In a “he doesn’t know he’s attractive” kinda way. Am I right?

13. Because he knows how to voice his thoughts.

No fuss whatsoever.

14. Because he can easily pull witty comebacks in the most perfect way possible.

15. And in all realness, it’s because you wish that it was you he was talking about.

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