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18 Reasons Why 5 Seconds Of Summer Looks So Perfect

They really don't have to Try Hard to be Out of My Limit. Okay, I'll stop.

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1. Because of Michael Clifford's fairy floss coloured hair.

2. Because of Calum Hood in tank tops.

Please excuse Ashton in the back and focus your attention on Calum's biceps.

Please excuse Ashton in the back and focus your attention on Calum's biceps.

3. Because of Luke Hemmings' lip ring.

4. Because of Ashton Irwin's dimpled smiles.

5. Because of the way they passionately shared a mic in their music video.

6. Because they celebrated their second anniversary with their loved ones (a.k.a fans).

Complete with all the balloons and birthday cake glasses, yo.

7. Because they answered fan questions out of their American Apparel knickers.

Very handy.

8. Because they look so stunning on a simple, opening stage.

9. Because of their adorable seriousness in a game of Question Pong.

10. Because they understand how we feel about One Direction.

11. Because they have some killer moves up on their sleeves.

12. Because their bromance is too precious and strong to take in.

Look at that giggle.

13. Because their livestreams are never boring. Ever.

14. Because of their sass, obviously.

15. Because of their ugly pretty faces.

16. Because they always took the time to talk to their fans.

Either through Instagram, Keek, or Twitter, they let us know about their whereabouts more than our own SOs.

17. Because ALL of their band members can sing very well.

The frontman.

The guitarist.

The bassist.

And the drummer.

18. Because they just got the well-deserved spot of number one on the BBC Radio 1 Official UK Top 40 Chart.

Well done, boys. Well done.

We're super duper proud of you.

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