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The Definitive Ranking Of Ice Cream Flavors

Not all ice creams are created equal. But they're all DELISH.

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15. Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip

Getty / Melinda Chan

Balance is the key in this more modern flavor. The tanginess of silky black raspberry balances the chunks of chocolate for a delectable treat that’s well rounded in flavor.

14. Orange Sherbet

Getty / Kurt Wilson

This light and fruity flavor tastes exactly like the sunny summer days of your childhood. No, it doesn’t taste exactly like orange, but somehow this creamsicle-esque flavor always hits the spot just right.

12. Strawberry

Getty / Romeika Cortez

This is one classic that will never get old. Simple and understated, this creamy yet not overly indulgent flavor’s best quality is the frozen chunks of strawberry that you have to unearth with a spoon.

11. Pistachio

Getty / Oxana Denezhkina

This velvety flavor is delightfully sweet, but what’s really nuts about it is that it works with salty toppings too. This is what makes it the full package, the perfect 10.

10. Coffee

Getty / Richard Eskite

With cream and a ton of sugar is how most people first sample coffee and fall in love with it. Even if you grow out of drinking your coffee that way, you’ll always love this flavor in a sweet treat.

7. Peanut Butter


Peanut butter garners many fans, so this is an unsurprising favorite amongst many. The almost addictive flavor of peanut butter paired with the melty goodness of ice cream always stays winning.

6. Chocolate

Getty / Lew Robertson

What's there to say about chocolate besides the fact that it's delicious? This distinct, slightly bitter classic is the flavor that's launched countless taste buds into ecstasy.

5. Roasted Banana

Joy (CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: joyosity

Banana-flavored things don’t generally garner a ton of praise. But when it’s made with real banana instead of artificial flavoring, it’s a dream of rich, almost bruléed, banana flavor that will make any cynic believe.

4. Vanilla

Getty / Rusty Hill

How can you forget about the classic vanilla? Sweet and simple, vanilla pairs perfectly with absolutely everything. It’s the ultimate sidekick to pie, ice cream, or drizzled with some hot fudge and topped with whipped cream.

3. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Getty / Jamie Grill

Ice cream plus cookie dough? How could you lose with two tasty snacks rolled into one creamy, chewy dessert? Plus you can always let it melt and eat the cookie dough out of the ice cream soup. Nom.

1. Cookies and Cream

Burke / Getty Images

A classic that melds the tried-and-true, unassuming hero that is vanilla ice cream with COOKIES. There's the perfect amount of chunkiness, so it's classy and not overpowering.

With so many delicious flavors to try, you could never go wrong.

Especially not with Safeway's new Open Nature flavors: Strawberries & Sweet Cream, Salted Caramel Butter Pecan, and Chocolate, all made with no artificial ingredients.

What are your favorite flavors? Share them with us in the comments.