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13 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Ice Cream

You love it, but how well do you really know ice cream?

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1. The ice cream cone is over 100 years old.

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The first ice cream cone was made by Italo Marchiony in 1896 in New York City. But it wasn't popularized until the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair when Ernest A. Hamwi sold zalabia, a waffle-like pastry, next door to an ice cream booth.

3. ...which makes sense, because it's part of being American.

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At Ellis Island, immigrants were actually served vanilla ice cream to welcome them into America. Most of the ice cream novices ended up spreading the strange new substance on bread.

5. Freezer burn is nothing more than a little dehydration.

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Even ice evaporates, and if you leave your ice cream in the freezer for too long, ice cream gets dried out. To avoid this, cover the rim of the pint with a sheet of aluminum foil and then replace the cover. You can also avoid this crunchy fate by placing the pint upside down in the freezer. The melted ice cream will drip onto the lid instead of contaminating the good stuff.

7. The biggest ice cream sundae was made in Edmonton, Canada.

Michael Rosenfeld / Getty Images

On Sunday, July 24, 1988, a nearly 25-ton ice cream sundae was created with 350-pound slabs of ice cream in 63 flavors.

9. Brain freeze is caused by blood rushing through the brain's anterior cerebral artery.

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Scientists conducted a test where volunteers sipped ice water through a straw. The blood flow of their brains was measured, and when the water hit their upper palate, an increase in blood flow through the brain's anterior cerebral artery was noted. When the artery constricted, brain freeze vanished. The cure? Sipping warm water.

10. Speaking of brain freeze...1.8 gallons of ice cream in six minutes is the world record for most ice cream ever eaten.

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Joey Chestnut scarfed down over 1.8 gallons of ice cream in six minutes, breaking his own world record.

11. Christianity played a part in the creation of the sundae.

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Methodists in Evanston, Illinois, banned selling ice cream sodas on Sundays because they believed soda fountains were dens of immorality. Drugstore operators retaliated by serving ice cream with the syrup without soda, which they called “Sundays.” They changed the name to “sundae” when religious leaders objected.

13. There's a secret ingredient in ice cream: ~air~.

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Air is whipped into ice cream to make it soft. Without air, ice cream would be unscoopable, nearly as hard as ice. Premium ice creams contain about 25% air or less.

Get to know ice cream a little better by trying some new flavors.

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