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13 Plant-Based Snacks For Your Post-Quarantine Adventures

It's time for adventures again. Fuel yours with these plant-based snacks from Safeway’s exclusive Open Nature® brand.

1. Finally run that marathon and then make a recovery smoothie using this chocolate protein powder.

A jar of protein powder

2. Throw a pizza party and serve this vegetable one with a cauliflower crust.

A box of frozen vegetable pizza with cauliflower crust

3. Go apple picking, slice 'em up, and then spread this creamy pistachio butter all over them.

A jar of pistachio butter

4. Have a nice sit in the sun while keeping cool with this chocolate fudge brownie, non-dairy frozen dessert made with almond milk.

A pint of chocolate dessert

5. Have a picnic with a friend and share this roasted red pepper cauliflower dip.

A container of dip

6. Splash this nondairy, plant-based almond beverage in your first pre-commute bowl of cereal in a minute.

A carton of almond milk

7. Go to the beach and pack some sandwiches featuring this creamy almond butter.

A jar of almond butter

8. Serve this broccoli crust veggie pizza at your first game night in forever!

A box of frozen vegetable pizza with cauliflower crust

9. Cool down after a sauna session with this vanilla bean dessert made with cashew milk!

A pink of vanilla dessert

10. Have that friend of a friend over for coffee and splash some of this nondairy oatmilk in your mug.

A carton of oatmilk

11. Host a fancy garden party and use this vegan Caesar dressing to "Cae-son" the salad.

A bottle of caesar salad dressing

12. Hold court by the grill while smoking up these plant-based protein patties.

A package of veggie protein patties

13. And show off the baking skills you mastered in quarantine using this gluten free brownie mix.

A box of brownie mix

All images courtesy of Albertsons

No matter what adventures you may have in 2021, make sure you take Safeway's Open Nature® line of plant-based snacks along with you!