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13 Cars For Every Personality

Everyone deserves to drive a car they genuinely love. And when you find "the one," trust SafeAuto Insurance to make sure your baby's treated the way it should be.

1. You are: immaculately dressed and always ready for anything.

You should drive: a modern sports car as slim and sleek as your tux, and full of enough horsepower to get you anywhere on time.

2. You are: a dirt magnet, a dust volcano, a walking mess.

You should drive: a mudding truck because mud baths are baths too.

3. You are: reading this between sets.

You should drive: a vintage muscle car because you know a thing or two about dedication, and you're willing to put in work on both your body and your car.

4. You are: in the middle of leg day, every day.

You should drive: a snug speedster you've got places to be, but only if you can get there fast... and lap everyone.

5. You are: a flower child, a jam band aficionado, a hippie.

You should drive: a minibus to take you and your worldly possessions wherever the next concert is.

6. You are: an adrenaline junkie.

You should drive: a rally car because... roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads.

7. You are: tripping over your own feet, all the time.

You should drive: a station wagon for the space to keep those feet apart, but also for the structural integrity and the nearly infinite airbags.

8. You are: ready to host a dance party wherever you are.

You should drive: a lowrider so you can bring every subwoofer you own with you wherever you go in your trunk or truckbed.

9. You are: renting a cramped, tiny apartment.

You should drive: a city car to turn your two-lane, one-way roads into a highway.

10. You are: master and commander of all you survey.

You should drive: an SUV to help these lowly humans remember just who you are and why you tower over them.

11. You are: an expert multitasker and an active socialite.

You should drive: a minivan to carry your friends, activity supplies, and phone chargers.

12. You are: young at heart.

You should drive: an art car because you'll never be a dinosaur, you just get to drive one all the time.

13. You are: old at heart.

You should drive: one of them newfangled horseless carriages to keep up with all these youths and their telegrams and velocipedes.