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    Posted on Jun 26, 2014

    31 Reasons We Need To Talk About David McIntosh Right Now

    He isn't a convicted felon; no one is perfect.

    1. This is David Mcintosh, a model and fitness expert, and we need to talk about him.

    2. This photo from his Instagram account is one reason.

    3. These gifs are reasons as well.

    4. Let's talk about his back.

    5. ...and his front.

    6. Let's talk about the fact that he's in Jennifer Hudson music video for "Walk It Out."

    7. Let's talk about the fact that David is so hot, Jennifer Hudson gets distracted by him — in her own music video.

    8. LOL. David is all like, "Sorry, Jennifer! I didn't mean to! My body just... kinda happened."

    9. I suppose it's as good a time as any for me to mention that David Mcintosh is British.

    View this video on YouTube

    (I literally have no idea what he just said.)

    10. If we can fit it into our very busy schedule, we should make time to discuss that David served with the Royal Marines in Afghanistan.

    11. Hence, this tattoo.

    12. Let's talk about his "off again / off again" relationship with clothing.

    13. "I don't know about you, but when I cook, I only wear an apron, beret and booty shorts."

    14. Let's talk about how, even when David is wearing clothes, he's not really wearing clothes.

    15. This puppy is like, "Whoa, dude. Never seen you in a shirt before."

    16. And to be perfectly honest, a good argument could be made for David not wearing clothes.

    17. Live your truth, David! Who even likes shirts, anyway?

    18. And pants? Pshhh! Those thighs need to breathe.

    19. *loses train of thought*

    20. *finds train of thought*

    21. *loses train of thought again*

    22. Let's talk about the fact that really hot guys like David tend to travel in packs.

    23. The scientific term for a pack of really hot guys is a "bulge."

    24. Let's talk about David's workout routine.

    25. Where we see a mere toilet, David sees an opportunity to work out some more.

    26. Let's talk about the one time David wore a suit and sat on the hood of a car.

    27. This horse is so thirsty.

    28. But guys, I have some information I should've shared with you five or six pictures ago.

    29. David is engaged to the very beautiful Kelly Brook.

    30. This post's alternate title is "31 Reasons Kelly Brook Is Winning At Life."

    31. Let's console ourselves by talking about this pic of David deciding what not to wear today.

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