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Jeremy Meeks' Mugshot Is Officially A Meme

The thirst is real — allegedly.

Jeremy Meeks, a convicted felon, and three other men were arrested during a gun sweep in Stockton, Calif., on Wednesday. The headline for a Fox40 News article reads "4 Arrested in Weapons Sweep; 1 Getting Extra Attention Online."

The Stockton Police Department's Facebook page, which regularly posts mugshots of suspects, has gotten 15,665 likes for this particular photo. The post has been shared 499 times as of press time.

Meeks' mugshot is officially a meme. After having been covered by TMZ, USA Today, Jezebel, and even Us Weekly, the handsome felon's mugshot is being photoshopped into high-end fashion ads, as Business Insider pointed out. On Twitter, the hashtag #JeremyMeeks is trending in the U.S.

Y'all so talented RT @FUCCl: #FreeJeremyMeeks ”

call @hugoboss call @givenchyofficial call @calvinklein #freejeremymeeks #calvinklein #hugoboss #givenchy #je...

Lmaoo I am sorry I just to laugh at the way his looks could have used in the fashion industry #jeremymeeks

And the meme's keep on coming for #jeremymeeks #hotmugshot as found by @SineadGarvan @BBCNewsbeat