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    The Underwear Models On This Week's Episode Of "Drag Race" Changed Our Lives

    RuPaul brought in twenty-two Andrew Christian underwear models to play a mini-challenge called "Whatcha Packin?" and it was amazing. Like, really, really amazing.

    It's always nice to see the Pit Crew. Hey, Jason! Hey, Shawn!

    Wait a minute... Who are these guys?

    Oh. Oh, my.

    Well, this was certainly unexpected.

    (We're not complaining though.)

    The object of Watcha Packin'? is to find the models with matching pairs of underwear which means...



    Well, let's get started!

    How about 15?

    We have a match!

    (This is the best game ever.)

    How about 6?

    Oh, 6. You cad!


    We have a match! A whole lot of... match.

    Even the models were impressed with the models.

    There's product placement, and then there's product placement.

    Sometimes losing feels like winning.

    At some point, the game kind of devolved.

    (We still aren't complaining though.)

    Ivy Winters won the mini-challenge.

    (And, in a way, so did we.)

    Great work, everyone.