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    The Best Lip Sync We've Seen This Season Of "Drag Race"

    Season 5 of RuPaul's Drag Race has subjected us to some of the worst lip syncs in the show's history, but last night the queens took us BEYOND.

    Serena ChaCha and Penny Tration's lip sync made us feel like this...

    Monica Beverly Hillz and Serena did a little better the following episode, but only barely.

    A few episodes later, Honey Mahogany and Vivienne Pinay's lip sync was so lackluster, fans of the show and Ru herself were like...

    Just when we thought all was lost, Detox and Lineysha's lip sync gave us a little hope.

    Coco and Jade's lip sync was even better, but still far from legendary.

    But during this week's episode, Roxxxy and Alyssa TURNED IT OUT.

    There were costume changes!

    There were wigs hidden under wigs!

    There were legs! Such legs!

    There was hair whippage!

    Look at this wig whipping! LOOK AT IT.



    Watch the lip sync yourself and prepare for GLORAAAAAAAAAAY.