More Than 300 Belgians Staged A Gay "Kiss-In" Outside The Russian Consulate Today

    To Russia with love, indeed.

    On the same day that President Obama directly addressed Russia's anti-gay law and the Sochi Olympics, hundreds of Belgians held a "kiss-in" to show their support for LGBT Russians.

    The kiss-in took place right in front of the Russian consulate in Antwerp.

    Men were kissing men.

    Women were kissing women.

    Men in funny hats were kissing men in funny hats.

    It was awesome.

    On August 2nd, activists in Vancouver staged a kiss-in outside the Russian consulate.

    The protests in Canada, Belgium, and other major cities around the world are a response to Russia's anti-gay propaganda law. In June of this year, a kiss-in in Moscow ended in violence and chaos.

    Police detained more than 20 LGBT activists.