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    Posted on May 29, 2013

    Meet Miles Davis Moody, The Hot Guy In RuPaul's Latest Music Video

    He's a busy fellow. Oh, and he has an identical twin.

    Miles Davis Moody has been very busy lately. He's the bottom in question in DWV's music video for "Boy Is a Bottom," the love interest in Jennifer Hudson's video for "Where You At," and, most recently, the breakout star of RuPaul's latest video, "Lick It Lollipop." Oh, and he appeared on RuPaul's Drag Race not once, but twice this season. (That's him twerking on stage with Alyssa Edwards during the season finale.)

    When he isn't on screen, Moody hosts the Rusputin party in Los Angeles and works as a model for Andrew Christian underwear. With a résumé like that, it's no wonder he doesn't have time for Grindr. The model spoke with BuzzFeed, via phone, about his recent appearances and what it's like dealing with all the attention.

    Lisa Boyle

    How did the music video for "Lick It Lollipop" come together?

    Miles Davis Moody: Well, when it was first explained to me, the idea was that there would be panning body shots and a couple of other models. But when I got to the set, RuPaul said, "Hey, Miles." I was shocked he even knew my name. He called me over, showed me what he wanted me to do in the video, and then he spent about an hour and half being my therapist, asking me all kinds of questions.

    So, in the video's opening, the voice-over — "Did you come here to become a movie star?" — is actually just a small part of an hour-long conversation?

    MDM: Yes. It was fun. I got some Ru therapy. He is so cordial and gregarious; it made me feel really comfortable. You can see in some shots I'm in underwear, and then they asked if I could take those off and do the sheet thing, which I did. He needed me to be relaxed because his aim for the video were these throwback perfume commercials which feature a model of the era talking intimately [to the camera].

    Michael Stokes

    That thing you do with your tongue in the video, is that just something you know how to do or did you practice? Be honest, Miles.

    MDM: It was completely random. But my mom can do it, so it's an inherited trait. [laughs] I've known that I could do it for a while, so I figured it was time to put it to good use.

    Well, if there was ever a moment.

    MDM: Visually, that is! [laughs]

    Your body and, presumably, being sexy are a part of your job. That has to be a bit daunting.

    MDM: In a way, because you're always wondering if it looks good enough. But it's just a part of my life. I go to the gym five or six times a week. Fortunately, I look good enough for cameras. But yeah, it's a common thing. You develop "manorexia."


    MDM: It's when you think you're too little, but you're fine in reality. Consistency is really key, though. There's always the temptation to compare yourself to other people, but I always just try to be my personal best.

    Lisa Boyle

    How long have you been working in modeling?

    MDM: I did a little modeling before I moved to L.A. three years ago, but the majority of it has been here. I was working in human resources and, prior to that, marketing. But I'm friends with Jennifer Hudson and she asked me to be the lead male in her video for "Where You At," and it all kind of snowballed from there.

    And you have an identical twin, right? Does he model as well?

    MDM: He actually used to model a long time ago when I didn't. [laughs] He's married with kids now, and working in IT.

    This season on Drag Race, you (along with 21 other Andrew Christian underwear models) were a part of a pretty fun mini-challenge. What's it like having so many underwear models in one room?

    MDM: It's a fun time. I know most of the other models. A lot of them do go-go work, and I work as a host at several parties in L.A. So, there's familiarity there that takes the edge off of any competitiveness. Everybody is cool, mostly. Some of them are attention whores, so they try to put themselves out there. But I know a lot of people at World of Wonder, so I had some fairy godmothers making sure I got proper air time. [laughs]

    Lisa Boyle

    Speaking of your parties in L.A., what makes a good club host?

    MDM: The same thing that makes a good host in any capacity. You want to be approachable and friendly. You want to be able to have conversations with everybody, including people you normally wouldn't talk to if you were out socially or by yourself. There's a lot of airs [being put on] in West Hollywood, which is where I primarily host, so it's nice to talk to somebody who doesn't have their guard up. So, that's the bottom line. You want to make people feel like they're comfortable and having fun.

    You've probably seen it all while hosting. Any tips to having a great time out clubbing?

    MDM: Have the right friends around you. If you have a great group of friends or clique with you, I feel like you could go to the most tragic club and still have fun.

    With Pride coming up, I imagine you're pretty busy. What's next?

    MDM: I'm going to be doing some traveling. I'll be in Dallas, doing some work with Shae Shae LaReese at a pageant. (Not the gay-for-pay kind of work, though.) Then I'll be in Chicago, working the ManHunt booth at IML. And actually, I'm not on Manhunt. I tried it once years ago, and it wasn't for me.

    Not even Grindr?

    MDM: No. I've never really been into random hookups. I'd rather get to know somebody. So, if you see any pictures of me on Grindr, Manhunt, or Adam4Adam, it's not me.

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