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If Spotify Recommended Hot Guys Instead Of Music

You're welcome.

If you love Tom Hardy, you might like Jason Momoa.

Love David Beckham? Of course you do. Say hello to Robbie Rogers.

You've been doing Google Image Searches on Donald Glover quite a bit lately. Give Tinie Tempah a try.

If you like Benedict Cumberbatch, we recommend Eddie Redmayne.

You haven't ogled Tom Daley in a while. Here are some pics.

If Javier Bardem is your kind of man, you might like Jeffrey Dean Morgan as well.

Remember Amistad? Then it's time to remember Djimon Hounsou.

If you have a crush on Tyler Hoechlin, you might also like Cheyenne Jackson.

10 Things I Hate About You used to be one of your favorite movies. Here are some pics of Andrew Keegan.

You recently swooned over Dev Patel's smile. Here's Raza Jeffrey.

It's been a week since you witnessed the glory that is Michael B. Jordan's smile. Here you go.

If you plan on surviving the zombie apocalypse by staying/sleeping with Brad Pitt, Charlie Hunnam could also be your hero.

If you think James Marsden is aging like a fine wine, here's Tom Welling.

You recently referred to Tom Hiddleston as Prince Charming. Say hello to Tom Mison.

If you like Joseph Gordon-Levitt, you definitely should holler at Harry Shum Jr.

After staring into Jesse Williams' eyes for a while, take a break and stare at Richard Rich'ard.

You haven't worshipped at the altar of Jeff Goldblum for a while.

If you like Michael Vartan, we recommend checking out Cuban-born actor William Levy.

If you like John Cho, give James Kyson Lee a try too.

You know and love Norman Reedus. But have you heard of Luke Evans?

If you often catch yourself having NSFW water cooler conversations about Ryan Gosling, you might also like Diego Boneta.

If looking at this picture of Michael Fassbender just made you lose your train of thought, we recommend Jamie Dornan as your new favorite distraction.

Look at Clive Owen. Now, look at Matthew Lewis. Look at Clive. Look at Matthew.

If you're crushing on Steve Yuen, allow us to introduce you to Daniel Henney.

Don't even act like there's anyone we could ever compare to Idris Elba.