Gingers, A Film For Hot Gay Red-Head Enthusiasts

    For his latest film, Gingers, António Da Silva interviewed men from twelve different countries about the ways in which red-heads are mocked by some and festishized by others. Oh, and he had his subjects do the interviews while naked.

    "Gingers" a new film by Antonio Da Silva has a wonderfully simple premise: one on one interviews with handsome naked men as they recline on a mattress. The fact that the men are red heads, of course, is the point.

    The film begins with the interviewees speaking directly into the camera about the advantages and disadvantages of being ginger and concludes with each of the men jacking off until they climax. (The camera demurely keeps their faces out of view at that point which grants the men an ironic bit of privacy.)

    A tenor named Adam, himself the subject of another film by Da Silva, softly performs a Gregorian chant in the background while the men speak. The camera acts as a stand-in for Da Silva, an admitted "ginger lover," as well as the viewer. In addition to collecting testimonials, the filmmaker boasts that "Ginger" collects samples of the men's "body hair, skin and sperm" as well.

    The combined effect is a film that is equal parts documentary and erotica, social commentary and retro-throwback porn. In less than fourteen minutes, Da Silva succeeds in creating a sexy look at the way gay men look at each other.

    You can watch "Gingers" online by making a donation to Da Silva's project. This film, just like all of his work, was funded by Da Silva himself. / Via