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    Fashion Designer Olivier Rousteing Is Cute, High-Cheekboned, And Fabulous

    Oliver Rousteing, 27, is the designer for Balmain, and he has the most amazing cheekbones ever in the history of life. He also has the Instagram account to prove it.

    Here is Olivier with Joan Smalls wearing one of his designs, but really: let's compare cheekbones.

    So pretty.

    Now, look at the Justin Bieber t-shirt. Are you looking? Good. Now, look at the cheekbones again.

    Karlie Kloss is cute and all, but... I think we know who wins this photograph.

    Here are Olivier's cheekbones on vacation in Brazil.

    Olivier is doing for cheekbones what Tom Hardy has done for pretty mouths.

    Can't really see his cheekbones here, but... I'll cope.

    Still coping.

    Look at these guys trying to compete with Olivier's cheekbones.


    And this guy.

    Also an amateur.

    Like, why even bother taking selfies anymore, people?! WE CAN'T COMPETE WITH THIS CALIBER OF SELFIE.

    Oliver Rousteing, I have one thing to say...



    your eyebrows?