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    The Fiercest Beyoncé Fan Ever Is Back With Another Dance Tribute And It Is BEYOND

    A diva is a YouTube version of a hustler, of a hustler.

    Two weeks ago, Chris Koo gave us all life everlasting with his version of "Crazy in Love."

    Seriously, if watching him dance doesn't make you want to scream "yaaaaaas," check your pulse because you might be irrelevant.

    Since then, Koo's video has received over 1 million views and been featured on Beyonce's Facebook page, which is basically the same thing as a hug from the queen herself. Basically.

    And now, Koo -- our dance inspiration, our BeyHive spirit animal -- is back with another video. Yes, hunties.

    Watch him TURN IT OUT to "Diva" and rejoice!

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