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Cheyenne Jackson Announces Engagement To Actor Jason Landau

The insanely handsome couple has been dating publicly since last fall.

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Cheyenne Jackson, 30 Rock alum and Broadway actor, is now engaged to actor Jason Landau.

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Last night, Jackson posted the following image along with lyrics from Stephen Sondheim's Into The Woods: "To be happy, and forever You must see your wish come true...Don't be careful, Don't be clever, When you see your wish, pursue..."

Jackson and Landau have been pretty serious about the pursuit of cuteness for a while now.

Here they are looking all cute at Sundance.

Cute on New Year's Eve in Kauai, Hawaii.

Cute with a dachshund in bed.

Cute with the aforementioned dachshund in the car.

Actually, what's this dog's name? She is killing it.

She's all like "Bae caught me slipping."

Anyway, back to the couple! Here they are on their way to the Golden Globes.

Singing along to One Republic.

Duck face happens to the best of us, even soon-to-be married couples.

Congrats, guys!

Please make the dachshund your flower girl.

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