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    19 Reasons HBO's "Looking" Should Just Be About Dom And Doris

    "Did you just fuck the pain away with the cast of Wicked?"

    1. First of all, Dom and Doris actually have chemistry.

    2. Their scene together in the pilot stole the show.

    3. Doris has the funniest lines.

    4. And Dom's reactions are priceless.

    5. In a show all about male facial hair, Dom's mustache slays.

    6. And he wears the fuck out of that shearling jacket.

    7. Doris cares enough about her friends to call them out on their BS.

    8. And she's always right.

    9. Dom's desire to open a restaurant actually gives him a sense of purpose.

    Meanwhile, Paddy is doing a book report on foreskin and Agustín is conflicted over where to keep his unicorn collage.

    10. And Dom has sex like an adult.

    Two points to Agustín for the threesome (however contrived). And don't even get us started on Paddy giggling his way through a cruising hook-up.

    11. Speaking of... The possibility of a romance between Dom and Lynn.

    12. And, of course, Doris and Dom's iconic Zumba scene.

    13. Dom's ability to look sexy even while doing Zumba.

    14. How sexy Dom looks in those shorts while doing Zumba.

    15. Dom's mastery of Zumba choreography.

    16. When Doris gets lost in the forest of Zumba...

    17. ...and manages to find Dom (and her groove) again.

    18. How amazing they both are when they're laughing.

    19. But also, the Zumba scene.

    Looking airs Sundays at 10:30 p.m. on HBO.