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21 Faces All "Gilmore Girls" Super-Fans Are Sure To Recognize

It's a way of life.

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1. When you hear someone say they dislike Gilmore Girls and you try to remain calm because you're in public:

the WB/CW

2. When you start dating someone who hasn't ever watched Gilmore Girls:

American Broadcasting Company

3. When you try to introduce someone to Gilmore Girls and they aren't devoting their full attention:

Big Machine Records

4. When you become friends with someone, then find out they don't like Gilmore Girls:


5. When you see an article claiming to contain facts about Gilmore Girls that you don't already know:

Via the WB/CW

6. When someone judges you for watching Gilmore Girls on a constant loop:

Paramount Pictures

7. When someone tries to explain why they think Lorelai and Christopher should have ended up together:

American Broadcasting Company

8. When you find people who share all of the same opinions regarding Gilmore Girls as you:

9. When you find out the Palladinos didn't write Season 7:

Via The WB/CW

10. When someone says, "Wow... You're, like, obsessed with Gilmore Girls, huh?" In an accusatory tone:

Paramount Pictures

11. When you're #TeamJess and someone brings up something genuinely bad he did that you can't defend:

TMZ / Via

12. When you drop a Gilmore Girls reference that nobody understands:

BBC America

13. But when someone does understand:

14. When you hear someone say they're #TeamDean:

American Broadcasting Company

15. When you've binged-watched Gilmore Girls for four hours straight, and then go out into the real world where people don't talk in pop-culture packed sentences:

Summit Entertainment

16. When you finish all every season of Gilmore Girls and feel empty inside:

Disney Channel

17. But then realize you can just start all over again:

the CW

18. When a guy disregards Gilmore Girls because it has "girls" in the title:


19. When you see an incorrect Gilmore Girls quote online:

20. When you're unsatisfied with the way the series finale ended things:

New Line Cinema

21. But then you remember the revival will be here in no time:

the CW

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