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8 Things Like Lose Your Virginity And Win A Lottery That You Can Only Do Once

There are a couple of things that we can do a million times. But do you know what are the 8 things that you can only do once? Read on to find out:

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There are a couple of things that you can do a million times, like breathe, work, watch that favourite movie of yours and so many others.

However, there are only a few things that you can do just once before you either cannot do them again or even if you want to, but are not allowed to.

Here I list some of the things that you can only do once:

1. Join a Free Trial Online

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Ahh..... yes, joining that free subscription or trial is always such a blissful period. You get all the facilities and amenities of a good service without having to pay even a rupee.

But then the trial period comes to an end and you realise the meaning of the saying 'you don't know what you have until it's gone'.

And no matter what other account or name you try to download it again with, somehow the app or service always knows it's you.

2. Have your First Beer

Is there ever anything that comes close to the time when you are youngling, fresh out of school and have gone on your first outing with friends from college?

Of course, if your seniors are present they will be getting a beverage suitable only for adults. And that results in you taking your first ever, albeit scared, sip of beer and feeling like you just told the world that yes, you have arrived, be prepared.

3. Win The Lottery

Do I need to say anything more in regards to this one?

Winning a lottery is a once in a blue moon scenario and if by a long shot you do win it once then you can practically forget ever getting that chance again.

4. Punch Your Longterm Bully

I believe you can do it again, but perhaps you will never get that immense feeling of satisfaction of finally overcoming that bully you've seem to had your whole life.

5. Be in A Coma

A bit morbid sure, but really if you've been in a coma then you probably will not be in another one or at least try to not be in one.

Because it will either go that you won't wake up from your coma only or you will take super good care of yourself to never be in one.

6. Lose Your Virginity

Pretty self explanatory one this is, but true that you can only lose your virginity once. Whether for girls or boys, virginity can only be given once and once that is done you will never get it back.

So just something to think about, eh?

7. Be Born

You can't exactly be born again once you have taken birth on this planet. Even the phoenix has to burn itself to ashes before getting resurrected again.

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