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    It Is The Dawn Of A New Day, Rihanna's Instagram Is Rihactivated!

    And all is well in the universe again...

    After a nightmarish 6 months without pictures of stellar fashion, wine, weed, and plenty of skin, the Rihanna navy can rest easy, as the queen of Instagram has Rihturned to claim her throne!

    And the Navy couldn't be happier!!!!!

    Via Twittercom/melbatoastmarie

    Instagram removed BadGalRiRi's account after RiRi posted nipple-baring photos from her LUI photoshoot. But seems there's no shade on RiRi's part, as this was one of the first photos she posted after being Rihinstated.

    Via Instagram @BadGalRiRi

    Captioned: #RIHunited #badgalback @instagRam

    Oh happy day!

    Via Instagram @ BadGalRiRi

    So glad to be seeing more of this!

    Captioned: "Hellurrr #badgalback"

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