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​ It's in the Title... A Right to Bear Arms...

​Local community outraged by Betsy Devos's confirmation for her hate speech towards them.

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​ Bear Necessities

Amelia Bearhart is a local mother in Wapiti, Wyoming. When her family immigrated to Abearica in the early 30's, they knew it would be tough. A new world, a new country, and new culture. They began their life here using their skills from the old country, apiary. Back in the old country, the Bearharts were some of the most elite apiarists, known for their golden honey. But, when the Bearshevik revolution occurred, they lost everything. For years, her grandparents worked and worked and worked to have a better life for her cubs. And until very recently, it appeared that it would be great for them. Amelia went to school to be a Veterinarian. Her husband, a Bearmedical engineer. Things were looking great for them and their two children. But like most of us, under the new administration, things are more uncertain than ever, and it is incredibly difficult to be hopeful.

​ Brother Bear

Federico Rizzato

I spoke to Amelia's children, Kenai and Koda, about there education. They are twins and are currently in seventh grade at Wapiti Junior High. Kenai is a hard core science child, while Koda is in love with the arts. The boys always knew they were different from the other boys, but I asked them when they finally put it together. "Well, when I was about 7, I looked around the classroom and noticed that I was the only 300 pound beast covered in fur". Koda shook his head in agreement. They told me that for a while things were fine, they faced the occasional creatureism, but nothing to severe until very recently. I asked them when it picked up. Without skipping a beat, they both said "Devos".

BE-AR 15 on School Grounds

Millions of bears across the country are now facing similar issues to the Bearharts. They have to attend a school effectively ensuring that they will not do well. And to make matters worse, people like Devos believe the solution is to bring "guns into school" to protect against bears. Bears are not the issue at hand. We have an administration that doesn't understand education fundamentals. Bears are an integral part of our society. If the administration goes after them, who's next? The cats? The dogs? The lizards? (jokes we all know the lizards secretly control the government...)

Bear Naked Lady

Is how Amelia Bearhart describes herself in the current political climate. She feels unsafe to be her, and that's not what our country is about. She volunteers at the local church, and I attended it the past weekend. The priests bearmon really spoke to me. "Our country is at risk. Like the mighty salmon, we can either die, or swim up stream. I'm not sure about the rest of you, but I choose the latter".

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