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For The Love Of Luxury Handbags For Women

The ultimate 21st century object of desire - Handbags are not just for supermodels and celebrities, but for women from all walks of life.

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To add to the existing reasons of aesthetics, gifting, vanity and workmanship, they've become a unique outward statement of a woman's status, fashion savvy and earning power - and the rising popularity of shoulder bags for women over the past 100 years has followed the increasing social independence of their owners.

Women who buy designer bags with their own money often purchase it as a reward to themselves for working hard, celebrating a milestone, or even just 'retail therapy'. Some do it out of addiction. Some see bags as love. Some see it as entitlement. The really interesting cases are of women who buy these shoulder bags online with the largesse of others.

Luxury handbags to keep gadgets brings in a lot of convenience. And IT IS ECONOMIC! You may ask how? And the reason is - you can carry the same luxury handbag for years and rarely would anyone question your wardrobe. It signifies class - even when the bag you carry is not a household name, the leather quality that shines, says it all! Secondly, handbags are body-type-bias-free. No matter what your size is, there will always be a bag for you.


Many years ago, women were restrained from doing any work outside home and all their belongings were preserved in a purse hidden into the folds of their clothes. Over time, women started leaving home for various reasons like leisure and work. That's when the use of bags became a necessity to carry their possessions around. Women started getting exposed to the outside world through meeting new people, travelling across the globe, which led to an explosion in the popularity of fashionable luggage out of which modern leather handbag was designed. As an when, women gained independence, this industry gained incredible growth due to an increase in demand for fashionable accessories.

The feeling of owning the 'IT' Gadget Bags goes far deeper than just a mode of carrying things around. It portrays a mix of revealing and concealing representing the privacy of the owner. It contains the survival kit required on a daily basis - from mobile phones, make-up, money and keys, laptops, chewing gums, important cards, and more. Hence, the ingredients remain mystic.

For most women, carrying a handbag around has become a necessity which they cannot miss before leaving the house. Hence, they make sure their shoulder bags stand out from the crowd.


It is all about investing in your lifestyle needs in sync with your desire. It's hard not to crave a new handbag every season, but finding the right one is surprisingly personal and often a difficult task. From totes to clutches, consider this your education for when you inevitably embark on a hunt for the perfect bag for you.

If you don't have time, energy, or resources to switch your bag with every outfit, look for a versatile bag in shades of black and tan, as they go with everything! Even metallics, nudes, and shades of white are fresher alternatives.

If you are in mood for basic clothing most days, it is better to invest in pop-up shades like yellow, red and pink. Bright bags add life to toned-down looks!

If you travel everyday for long hours and need more items to carry, invest in bigger tote bags. A piece that's overstuffed, looks sloppy. Fill up a large bag to carry along with your regular purse. Better yet, stash your smaller bag in it.

Invest in a bag which is relative to your size. If you are petite, don't carry something you could fit in; instead choose something small to medium. If you are tall and broad, a wee bag will look out of proportion. Try one that's large or oversize.

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