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    Here's What To Eat During Lunar New Year

    Eat your way to a long, successful life.

    Lunar New Year is almost here.

    The cultural celebration — which represents the start of a new year based on the lunisolar calendar— officially falls on January 25th. It's traditionally celebrated in China, Korea, and Vietnam, as well as in countries with significant Chinese populations like Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore.

    Food plays a key role during the festivities, as many families will cook traditional dishes that incorporate ingredients believed to bring them luck, prosperity, and longevity in the coming year. Whether you're hosting your own celebration this year or just wanting to know more, we've rounded up 21 dishes that are worth feasting on, below.

    1. Korean Rice Cake Soup

    The tradition of consuming this soup, also known as Tteokguk, on New Year's day symbolizes turning another year older. It's also associated with purity, cleanliness, and longevity. Recipe here.

    2. Steamed Whole Fish

    A must for any Lunar New Year's celebration! Eating animals whole, or not butchered when served, is encouraged because it is symbolic of family unity. Recipe here.

    3. Red Sticky Rice

    This dish is a staple for Vietnamese Lunar New Year celebrations. The red color of the rice, which gets its color from jackfruit, symbolizes wealth. Get the recipe.

    4. Roasted and Braised Duck

    This flavorful alternative to Peking duck is also symbolic of fertility. Get the recipe here.

    5. Almond Cookies

    These cookies look like coins and symbolize good fortune for the coming year! Recipe here.

    6. Boiled Boy Chok and Soy Sauce

    Boy Choy is a type of cabbage, which is synonymous with wealth and prosperity in Chinese culture. Get the recipe here.

    7. Braised Chicken with Chestnuts

    Both chicken and chestnuts represent familial unity, making this the perfect dish to share with your loved ones. Recipe here.

    8. Chinese Broccoli with Oyster Sauce

    The long stalks of the broccoli represent youth and a long, healthy life. Recipe here.

    9. Candied Mandarin Orange Peels

    Oranges are a symbol of good fortune and wealth. It's a Vietnamese tradition to boil and preserve the fruits with sugar, as an offering for guests. Recipe here.

    10. Longevity Noodles with Black Sesame and Shallots

    These long, elastic noodles are resistant to breaking and as a result symbolize longevity and eternity. Get the recipe here.

    11. Radish and Pork Dumplings

    Dumplings are popular because they resemble old Chinese gold coins. In which case, the more the merrier! Recipe here.

    12. Vegetarian Buddha's Delight

    This vegetable medley is traditionally consumed by Buddhist monks. Each of the individual ingredients is symbolic of a different type of luck. Recipe here.

    13. Sweet Rice Cakes

    A sweeter variation on traditional cakes called Nian Gao, which represent progress, advancement, and growth. Get the recipe here.

    14. Fresh Fish & Vegetable Salad

    This colorful salad is popular in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore. It's meant to be shared amongst the family, and the vegetables also symbolize family unity. Recipe here.

    15. Street Style Tea Eggs

    These eggs represent wealth, prosperity, and fertility. As if I needed more reasons to love eggs. Recipe here.

    16. Turnip Cakes with Sausage and Bacon

    These bad boys symbolize rising fortune and advancement in your studies or career. Recipe here.

    17. Kimchi Dumplings

    Dumplings are also a big part of the Korean New Year celebration. Known as Mandu in Korean, they are commonly filled with kimchi. Get the recipe here.

    18. Pineapple Shrimp

    This Chinese-Malaysian dish is believed to bring both money and humor into your life. The pineapples represent prosperity and the Cantonese word for 'shrimp' sounds like laughter. Recipe here.

    19. Taiwanese Pineapple Cakes

    These buttery cakes are a Taiwanese speciality that represent wealth and fortune. Basically, give me all of them. Recipe here.

    20. Sticky Rice with Pork Belly and Beans / Via Instagram: @loveleluu

    This Vietnamese New Year speciality, known as Banh Chung, looks like little presents for you to unwrap. And what better present is there than pork belly? Get the recipe here.

    21. Korean Braised Short Ribs

    This dish is often served on special occasions such as Lunar New Year because it takes some time to make. Thankfully, most of that time is spent in a slow cooker and the result is so worth it. Recipe here.

    Happy Year of the Rooster, everyone!

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