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    Here's What To Eat During Lunar New Year

    Eat your way to a long, successful life.

    Lunar New Year is here!

    The cultural celebration — which represents the start of a new year based on the lunisolar calendar— officially falls on February 1st. It's traditionally celebrated in China, Korea, and Vietnam, as well as in countries with significant Chinese populations like Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore.

    Food plays a key role during the festivities, as many families will cook traditional dishes that incorporate ingredients believed to bring them luck, prosperity, and longevity in the coming year. Whether you're hosting your own celebration this year or just wanting to know more, we've rounded up 21 dishes that are worth feasting on, below.

    1. Korean Rice Cake Soup

    2. Steamed Whole Fish

    3. Red Sticky Rice

    4. Roasted and Braised Duck

    5. Almond Cookies

    6. Boiled Bok Choy and Soy Sauce

    7. Braised Chicken with Chestnuts

    8. Chinese Broccoli with Oyster Sauce

    9. Candied Mandarin Orange Peels

    10. Longevity Noodles with Black Sesame and Shallots

    11. Radish and Pork Dumplings

    12. Vegetarian Buddha's Delight

    13. Sweet Rice Cakes

    14. Fresh Fish & Vegetable Salad

    15. Street Style Tea Eggs

    16. Turnip Cakes with Sausage and Bacon

    17. Kimchi Dumplings

    18. Pineapple Shrimp

    19. Taiwanese Pineapple Cakes

    20. Sticky Rice with Pork Belly and Beans

    21. Korean Braised Short Ribs

    Happy Year of the Tiger, everyone!