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    19 Times "Friends" Gave The Best Goddamn Life Lessons

    Love like a lobster, get off the plane, and always be there for your friends.

    1. Every relationship has its ups and downs.

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    The Ross and Rachel saga is an emotional rollercoaster to say the least. It's pretty unlikely for any relationship to be plain sailing the whole way through, and no better example comes to mind than their rocky on-and-off-again relationship. The fact is, their completely undeniable love for each other didn't magically make things easy.

    Relationships are about two people doing one thing, and even when you love someone, disagreements, different approaches, and hurt feelings happen. It's just about whether or not you're willing and able to work through those challenges.

    2. A healthy relationship is all about giving and receiving in equal measure.

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    Love is about generosity and thoughtfulness, as Chandler soon realised after a vital ~intimacy~ lesson from Monica and Rachel. Paying attention to your partner's needs is vital in every aspect of your relationship, from sex, to cohabitation, to the way you spend your time together and everything in between.

    3. When you care about someone, you'll do whatever it takes to help them out.

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    The power of friendship is being there for your friends through the good times and ESPECIALLY through the bad times, even if it means things get a little weird, case in point: the jellyfish incident.

    Friendship is a two-way street. If you’re there for a friend, you can be sure that they’ll be there for you too. However, for future reference, urinating on jellyfish stings is no longer recommended, so unfortunately Monica was peed on for no reason. But hey, it’s the thought that counts!

    4. The road to true love doesn't run straight.

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    During the admittedly weird Joey/Rachel arc of the show, Ross had to deal with some unexpected road blocks to his happily ever after. Facing the reality of his ex-girlfriend and one of his best friends as a couple was a little too much for him to handle, even though he and Rachel hadn’t been a couple for six years. In truth, life can throw you many curveballs out of nowhere that can knock you sideways.

    You can play it like Ross and drown your sorrows in endless margaritas, but it's probably best to air your concerns in a sober environment. Otherwise, you may find yourself doing a striptease to the Chicago soundtrack.

    5. But when it's right, love finds a way.

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    Who would have thought it was possible to make an analogy about lobsters sound so romantic?

    Ross and Rachel have a complicated relationship throughout the entire show, but Phoebe perfectly sums up how simple their love really is. Rachel is Ross’ lobster, and Ross is hers. They're destined to be together, walking along the seaside as lobsters in old age, claw in claw.

    6. Falling in love with a friend isn't always smooth sailing.

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    A new relationship can feel strange, even if it’s something that you’ve been waiting for forever. When Ross and Rachel FINALLY got together after what seemed like years (and actually was, in Ross’ case), Rachel has a really difficult time settling into their new rhythm. But they took their time to adjust, and then sparks flew and it was the beginning of something extraordinary.

    7. But when your relationship is founded on a strong friendship, you can get through anything.

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    Monica and Chandler's road to romance is #relationshipgoals. Having been close friends for many years, a drunken decision in a foreign country turned out to be true love. They already respected and knew each other so well as friends, so adding romance to the mix was a perfect combination!

    8. Because friendship is probably the best kind of love there is.

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    The strongest and most stable relationships of the show aren't the romantic ones, but the ones built on common interests and shared respect for each other. Chandler and Joey's friendship is by far one of the most charming and lovable aspects of the series. They always had each other's backs in every situation, whether it came to dating, finance, or just having someone to chill out and watch Baywatch with.

    9. And family bonds are the most weird and wonderful attachments you can have.

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    The Gellers are certainly a strange bunch. Monica and Ross’ “routine” is the epitome of their relationship as brother and sister – geeky, goofy and fun. They may have grown up to be sophisticated adults, but they can't always hide their dorky sides when they’re together.

    You can’t choose your family, but you can choose your friends. Monica and Ross didn't always get on as children, but in adult life they loved each other absolutely unconditionally, as siblings and as friends. They provide invaluable support for each other, even if they often act like children again when they’re together!

    10. When you really like someone, you won't care about looking silly to impress them.

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    At first glance, Mike was a pretty unassuming guy, quietly enjoying a coffee before Joey roped him in as Phoebe’s blind date and changed the course of her life forever. It's clear from the onset that Mike is pretty taken with Phoebe, even though their first date doesn’t quite go to plan when it's revealed how he and Joey really met.

    Mike goes to great lengths to gain Phoebe’s trust. He doesn’t care who judges his silly antics to win her heart, as long as he can impress Phoebe. If you like someone, don’t hold back. Just be yourself and go for it!

    11. Communication can make or break your relationship.

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    People say things in the heat of the moment that they don’t necessarily mean. Instead of having a rational conversation to clarify what Rachel meant by a “break”, Ross jumped to conclusions at the sound of Mark’s voice over the phone and spent the night with Chloe from the copy shop. When he tried to keep the truth from Rachel, things only got worse.

    When you have something on your mind, big or small, not being open about it can lead to a different issue altogether. Don’t dig yourself a hole that you can’t escape from!

    12. And honesty is the best policy.


    Chandler and Monica hid their relationship because they were afraid of how the gang would react if they found out the truth, which made things complicated when everyone DID find out and felt deceived. In the end, the truth wasn't so horrible at all. Apart from a slight outburst from Ross, the gang couldn’t have been happier for the new couple, so they had nothing to worry about! It goes to show that the people who matter will accept you for your choices and be happy if you're happy, but nobody likes being lied to!

    13. You have to take care of yourself, even if it means letting go of someone you love.


    When you break up with someone, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t love them anymore. Rachel still loved Ross when they broke up, but she couldn’t stay with him knowing that he had slept with someone else, as it was just too painful for her to handle.

    14. But going through heartbreak will make you wiser and stronger.

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    Heartbreak is painful and can often feel like the end of the world, but you never know what amazing adventure is just around the corner.

    Over the course of ten seasons, our favourite Friends all went through their fair share of heartache, but they also found their way through it. Monica was devastated after breaking up with Richard, but later realised that Chandler was the one. When David left for Russia, Phoebe was heartbroken, but she ended up falling in love with Mike and living happily ever after with her one true love, proving things can turn out okay in the end, even if you get hurt.

    15. Some of the most incredible acts of love are hard af.


    Phoebe gave her half-brother Frank Jr. and his wife Alice the most beautiful gift in the world by being the surrogate for their three babies. Even though she felt strongly about helping her family, it was heartbreaking for her to say goodbye to the triplets.

    Love demands a certain amount of selflessness, and nobody exemplifies that more than Phoebe, who had the biggest heart of the group.

    16. Love forces you to face your fears.

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    Chandler was pretty unlucky in love for the first half of Friends, always the funny one to Joey’s lothario. His fear of commitment was instigated by his parents’ divorce and did not dissipate as the years went on.

    But it all changed when Chandler and Monica’s friendship blossomed into a loving relationship, and Chandler realised that commitment is worth facing if you’re with the right person. He may have had slightly cold feet just before the wedding, but he overcame his fear to marry the love of his life!

    17. Love doesn't have to make sense to be right.


    When it comes to matters of the heart, logic goes out the window. They may have experienced a hell of a lot together and apart, but in the end Ross and Rachel were always each other's lobsters.

    You can't deny when you feel a connection with someone, even if it is hard to explain. Ross and Rachel are very different people, but somehow the idea of them together makes complete sense. They may not agree on a lot, but one thing’s for sure – Ross and Rachel are meant to be!

    18. It's important to find a partner who loves you completely for who you are.

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    After years of casual dating, Phoebe found someone who completely embraced her wonderful weirdness in Mike. It was worth the wait to fall in love with and marry someone who completely embraced and adored her wonderful weirdness. You should never settle for anyone who doesn’t appreciate you as a unique human being.

    At the same time, you don’t need someone to tell you you’re amazing to believe it. Take a leaf from Phoebe's book and enjoy and celebrate your own quirkiness too!

    19. But it's most important to find friends who love you for exactly who you are.

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    The best friends are those who let you be completely be yourself and love you for it. The gang all have very distinct personalities, but somehow they fit and complement each other perfectly.

    Whether you’re building a fort, burning your ex-boyfriends’ belongings on Valentine’s Day or casually hanging out in wedding dresses, real friends are there for you you in any way that you need them to be. That’s the great thing about fantastic friends – it doesn’t matter what you’re doing as long as you’re together.

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