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19 Secrets The Only Single People In Their Uni Group Won't Tell You

Welcome to Third Wheeling 101.

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1. Uni can be a pretty overwhelming place.

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Going to university is the last step before embarking on adult life. It's a fantastic opportunity to learn more about yourself, from your dating habits to your alcohol tolerance, or lack thereof.

2. It's especially daunting when you're the only single one in your house.

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It seems that everyone at uni is either only after one thing, or already in super serious relationships. When you don't fall into either category, it can be difficult figuring out where you fit.

3. Sometimes being single can grate on you.

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You're often left wondering how it's so easy for everyone else to meet the right person when you're living in an environment that's dominated by endless Jägerbombs and Tinder hook ups.


5. However, that doesn't mean that being the only single one in the house is always hunky-dory.

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Even if you're completely happy being single, your loved-up housemates still remind you on a daily basis that being in a relationship at uni can be pretty amazing too.

6. There's PDA around every corner.

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This is arguably what uni is all about. You know, apart from getting a degree. But that doesn't mean that it isn't a little off-putting to walk in on your housemates when you're going about your daily business in the house.

7. Various familiar noises are pretty hard to avoid too.

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When you live with other people at university, you learn a lot about them. You discover what type of milk they have with their cereal, their perfect predrink playlist, what they sound like... there are no secrets!

8. Your housemates' partners basically become honorary housemates.

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You're around them so much that you're practically living in a house of about a dozen people. Just like your housemates, you learn to live with their habits and (as long as they're good eggs) you become close friends.


9. So you end up frequently crashing romantic meals.

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When your housemates are having romantic meals with their SOs in the kitchen, you have 3 options: avoid the kitchen at all costs, awkwardly intrude when hunger strikes or sit with them for a 2 hour chat while you taste their delicious cooking. They won't mind... right?

10. And nights out with the house can turn into a case of third, fifth or even seventh wheeling.

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The night starts exactly as you'd hoped – your house all together, dancing the night away. As the night goes on, your housemates start to pair off one by one until you're the only one left. It's an occupational hazard.

11. And even lazy TV nights become date nights.

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In the house, you watch TV with company all the time – the more the merrier! However, a night in watching Made in Chelsea can quickly feel like you're intruding on a triple date of couples canoodling all over the sofa.

12. On Valentine's Day, you rave over the amazingly cute cards and gifts your housemates have received.

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Whether you like Valentine's Day or you can't stand it, there's no way you can escape it as the only singleton in the house. You're surrounded by bouquets of flowers and cards that are undeniably cute. So share in your housemates' happiness and enjoy the day!


13. And then proceed to spend the entire night eating chocolate while starfishing in bed. / Via

Valentine's Day is great and all, but when the couples are all off celebrating their love, what about the singletons? Spend the night indulging in yourself – have a bubble bath, stuff your face with chocolate and take up the whole bed like the boss that you are.

14. When you tell anyone else that you're the only single one in your house, they pity you.

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There's nothing worse or more condescending than when someone feels sorry for you for being single. As long as you're happy, whether you're in a relationship or not, then that's what matters!

15. So you decide to enlighten them that being single isn't a bad thing in the slightest.

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You can decide to smile and nod along, or you can illuminate them about single life. Being single doesn't automatically make you a crazy person with a million cats (sorry cat-lovers). In fact, what better place to be single than during your first three years of independence?

16. Meanwhile, your housemates desperately try to set you up with your ideal match.

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They just want you to be happy, and you really appreciate their help, but your housemates will try to set you up with someone whether you want their assistance or not. They're on a mission and won't stop until they've accomplished it!


17. And when you do hook up with someone, your housemates love to celebrate the great news.

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When anything happens with you in the love department, the rest of the house will treat it like it's the biggest news of the century when really it's just you living your life. But hey, you like the attention!

18. When your housemates go through rough patches in their relationships, you give them a shoulder to cry on.

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As their housemate, you've been there through all the highs and lows. You are their rock, the person they can depend on to give them a hug, dry their tears and then order three large pizzas to cheer them up.

19. And at the end of the day, whether you're single or in relationships, you know that you and your housemates will always be there for each other.

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At times you may feel like there's a divide between you and your housemates when you're the only one not involved with someone, but at the end of the day, no outsider can break the bond, or the electric bill, that you share.