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    19 Secrets The Only Single People In Their Uni Group Won't Tell You

    Welcome to Third Wheeling 101.

    1. Uni can be a pretty overwhelming place.

    2. It's especially daunting when you're the only single one in your house.

    3. Sometimes being single can grate on you.

    4. But most of the time it suits you perfectly.

    5. However, that doesn't mean that being the only single one in the house is always hunky-dory.

    6. There's PDA around every corner.

    7. Various familiar noises are pretty hard to avoid too.

    8. Your housemates' partners basically become honorary housemates.

    9. So you end up frequently crashing romantic meals.

    10. And nights out with the house can turn into a case of third, fifth or even seventh wheeling.

    11. And even lazy TV nights become date nights.

    12. On Valentine's Day, you rave over the amazingly cute cards and gifts your housemates have received.

    13. And then proceed to spend the entire night eating chocolate while starfishing in bed.

    14. When you tell anyone else that you're the only single one in your house, they pity you.

    15. So you decide to enlighten them that being single isn't a bad thing in the slightest.

    16. Meanwhile, your housemates desperately try to set you up with your ideal match.

    17. And when you do hook up with someone, your housemates love to celebrate the great news.

    18. When your housemates go through rough patches in their relationships, you give them a shoulder to cry on.

    19. And at the end of the day, whether you're single or in relationships, you know that you and your housemates will always be there for each other.