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Sophie Turner Is Shutting Down People Defending Littlefinger And We Love It

Get ready for Game of Thrones *SPOILERS*... and plenty of Sansa sass

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*SPOILERS* for the Game of Thrones Season 7 finale! You have been warned...

The latest season of Game of Thrones has been epic! We've seen exciting alliances formed, treacherous ventures across the Wall, bloody fights, new romances blossoming... it definitely hasn't disappointed. However, while everything has been unfolding in the Seven Kingdoms, the ever-so-snakey Littlefinger has been continuing his scheming ways, trying his best to drive Stark sisters Arya and Sansa apart, having finally being reunited at their home in Winterfell.


Well, Sansa and Arya decided that enough was enough. After putting on a convincing display of distrust and tension, they completely took Littlefinger by surprise. As he attended what he believed to be Arya's trial for murder and treason, he instead found himself on the stand for his many years of crimes.


Let's take a moment to remember everything that Littlefinger has done...

* He had Lysa Arryn poison her husband, Jon Arryn, former Hand of the King to Robert Baratheon.

* He attempted to murder Bran Stark by sending in an assassin.

* He told Catelyn Stark that the knife used in the murder attempt belonged to Tyrion Lannister, when in fact it belonged to him.

* He betrayed Ned Stark, ultimately leading to his beheading.

* He killed his wife, Lysa Arryn, by pushing her out of the Moon Door.

* He sold Sansa Stark to the Boltons, allowing her to enter into a torturous marriage with the sadistic Ramsay Bolton.

* And he tried to drive a wedge between Sansa and Arya.

Bad call.

So basically, all in all he's not a great bloke.

Which is why Sansa, as Lady of Winterfell, passed the sentence for Petyr Baelish to be sentenced to death by her badass sister.


Yay, some justice at last!

But despite Littlefinger's long list of devious antics, some people don't believe he deserved to die.

Some Game of Thrones viewers out there have been defending Littlefinger, saying that the role he played during the Battle of the Bastards, bringing the Knights of the Vale to fight alongside Jon against Ramsay, redeems him for all of his past wrongdoings.

Sophie Turner aka Sansa Stark aka Lady of Winterfell aka Queen of Sass, isn't having any of it.


When this fan tried to explain Littlefinger's crimes away with his apparent desire for justice in a hierarchical society, this is what Sophie had to say:

@HannaLoren11 @SophieTurntits Nah.. just willingly sold her to the Boltons.... Who killed her family... who ended u…

And when this fan started listing all of Littlefinger's credentials, Sophie easily explained his ulterior motives away...

@HannaLoren11 Because Sansa asked him to (and agreed because he loves her).... because he owed her.... for selling…

You go Sophie - keep on fighting the good fight! 🐺

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