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19 Slightly Deranged Things You Did When You Had A School Crush

Oops wrong convo! G2G.

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1. Officially "going out" before you had even held hands.

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Back in the day, you took the art of courtship very seriously. Winning the heart of a fellow classmate took a lot more than a swipe to the right and a cheesy pickup line.

2. Giving your crush a code name so that you could sneakily talk about them all the time.

"Don't turn around, but Pikachu is looking at your right now." "No way?!" "Way!" Your craftiness and cunning were unparalleled. No doubt MI6 would come knocking on your door in years to come.

3. Going to complete goo in the presence of a gorgeous human being.

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We've all been there: completely lost for words when you wish you could come up with something witty and charming to say. I feel you Georgia. Hnnnnnnnggggggg exactly.

4. Or having a complete panic attack in their presence.

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Everyone was so afraid of actually having to interact with their crush at a school disco that the boys danced on one side and the girls danced on the other.


6. Even though you thought kissing was SO GROSS.

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You were happy to eat bugs on a dare but kissing was out of the question! Your kisses were reserved for your Justin Timberlake poster, and no one else.

7. Staging a wedding ceremony on the school playground.

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A playground wedding was an intimate occasion, attended by a gaggle of your classmates and lasting the full twenty minutes of breaktime. It was just so beautiful. *sob*

8. Etching your names together in a heart on your desk.

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Another place where people frequently chose to write about their school crushes was on the inside walls of toilet cubicles. It doesn't get more romantic than that.


9. Passing your crush a note to find out if they liked you.

You could have just asked them after class, but you just COULDN'T WAIT. Which always ended up with your love note being read aloud by the teacher, much to your absolute horror.

10. Or trying to figure out if your crush liked you by using the Wrong Convo technique on MSN.

To execute the "Wrong Convo" technique correctly, you needed good timing, the right level of composure and a lot of nerve. It could make or break the beginning of a relationship!

11. Signing out and back into MSN to grab their attention.

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Changing your MSN screen name to "I (L) ???" was also sure to catch their eye. MSN basically taught you everything that you needed to know about love.


13. Acting insanely awkward at the slightest physical contact with your crush.

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If you even brushed shoulders, you would document the time, date and location of the encounter that night in your diary. You may have also thrown in a stick figure illustration if you were feeling creative.

14. Writing love songs to express your teenage angst. / Via

You have to thank Avril Lavigne, Green Day and Busted for inspiring you to turn to music during those dark days of playground love...and the Spice Girls, of course.

15. Going out with someone a year older for street cred.

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Things that made you cool in school: wearing your rucksack on one shoulder, sitting at the back of the bus, and going out with someone in the year above. If you were that cool, you'd be ICE COLD!

16. And believing that fancying someone a year below you was social suicide.

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They're, like, a whole year below you! They're so young! Unless you want to gain a reputation as a cradle-snatching cougar, you'd better move on.


17. Calculating your compatibility with your crush using only your names.

#IWillNeverBeTooOldTo work out a love percentage with my crushes like this. #NumerologyAtItsFinest

You can't argue with the mathematics of counting the number of letters in your crush's name and your own to form a percentage. If it's meant to be, it's meant to be. 💘

18. Actually believing you'd marry someone you'd never even talked to.

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Oh, the plight of a ten year old: 15p Freddos and unrequited love. Unfortunately, love is still as confusing as ever and the price of Freddos will probably continue to rise until the end of time.

19. And so. much. hopeless. staring. / Via

It's surprising that you didn't burn a hole in your crush's face with the amount of staring that you did in class. Here's to simpler times.