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    32 Times The "Game Of Thrones" Cast Friendships Were Too Much To Handle

    On-screen, they're stone-cold killers. Off-screen, they're big balls of fluff.

    1. The time Daenerys and Khal Drogo reunited and sent our hearts soaring.

    2. When Sansa and Ramsay were actually pals, and it was creepy and lovely at the same time.

    3. When this throwback photo gave us all the feels.

    4. When it turned out Joffrey could be a cheery fellow when he wanted to.

    5. When Daenerys and Missandei hit the town looking fly.

    6. When Oberyn and The Mountain were best buddies IRL.

    7. When Mophie had the cutest friendship in the Seven Kingdoms.

    8. Seriously. This is what sisterhood is all about.

    9. Just look at Arya and Sansa snuggling!

    10. And this one made us wish we were on the beach with this marvellous lot.

    11. When this photo reached new levels of awesomeness.

    12. When Cersei and Oberyn were playing around... and broke our hearts a little bit at the same time.

    Instagram: @iamlenaheadey / Via

    Still not over it.

    13. Seriously, how adorable are they?!

    14. They love being goofy together, and we can't get enough.

    15. You'd never have guessed they was any bad blood between them.

    16. Khal Drogo may be dead (😢), but that doesn't stop him raving about his Khaleesi whenever she makes a badass move.

    17. He couldn't be prouder of his baby burning shit up.

    18. Look at the moon of his life, smiling away in his presence.

    19. This photo can barely contain their happiness!

    20. And they make the cutest bobble head family imaginable.

    21. Daenerys and Brienne in one room... now THAT'S one fantastic pairing.

    22. When Arya and Sansa couldn't stop giggling about just how amazing their love is for one another.

    23. When Cersei was in awe of Sansa's epic sass.

    24. When Ellaria and Oberyn were the ultimate partners in crime.

    25. When this was the most perfect photo to ever be taken... ever.

    26. When Jaime and Oberyn turned up looking dapper as hell.

    27. Let's not forget Loras and Arya sharing the love too.

    28. When Cersei and Tywin enjoyed some quality father-daughter time.

    29. How can every single person in a group photo be this photogenic?!

    30. When Sansa bestowed one of her precious kisses upon a most deserving Oberyn.

    31. When Brienne and Oberyn mastered the selfie with smiles beaming from ear to ear.

    32. And when the whole cast were the definition of #squadgoals, and always will be.

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