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    21 Reasons Olivia Pope Is Our One True Queen

    So so so ~scandalous.~

    1. She lays down the ground rules so you know who's in charge.

    2. She has faith in her intuition: No apologies, no doubts, no questions asked.

    3. She *literally* sparkles, no matter how heavy her workload.

    4. She always strives to do the right thing. No matter how daunting the task.

    5. She isn't afraid to admit how good she is, and she isn't boasting, because she's right.

    6. She never gives up, even when others may call it quits. She carries on until a problem is solved.

    7. Though she's a badass 100% of the time, she is still human.

    8. She knows the importance of just chilling and taking time to recharge.

    9. She will not stand anyone trying to disrespect her.

    10. She points out stupid double standards.

    11. She strongly believes in the strength of sisterhood.

    12. She won't let a man toy with her emotions or put her on a pedestal.

    13. Nor will she let a dude's desires diminish her value.

    14. She firmly asserts her authority, and won't put up with being bossed around.

    15. She takes care of others, because she's proven to be reliable AF.

    16. She redefines life goals AND squad goals.

    17. She knows the fight for justice is far from over, because she isn't naïve.

    18. She's the ultimate at throwing shade, and you could learn from her.

    19. She knows how to ~shake it,~ even with everything she deals with on a daily basis. Yaass, girl!

    20. Nothing fazes her.

    21. And she takes control of every damn situation in the most flawless Olivia Pope way.