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16 Times Eddie Redmayne Was The Most Magical Human Alive

Newt Scamander is one fantastic beast.

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1. When the answer to this question was pretty damn obvious.

Phase 4 Films / Via

2. When his side-eye was subtle, yet smooth as hell.

3. When he mastered the art of the smoulder, and his freckles glimmered in the sunlight.

BBC One / Via

4. When he sung his way to our hearts as the romantic Marius in Les Misérables.

Universal Pictures / Via

5. When he won the world over with his portrayal of the intelligent and inquisitive Stephen Hawking.

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6. When this was his reaction to winning an Oscar.


7. And then when he continued to freak out, as any normal human being would.


8. When proceeded to cradle his Oscar like a baby, and smiled like the perfect angel that he is.


9. When he ripped his shirt off, flawlessly.

Entertainment Film Distributors / Via

10. When he was modestly and adorably overwhelmed by the effect he has on the room.

11. When he showed off his impressive dancing chops.

12. When he didn't hold back from oversharing.


13. When he chased after a second Oscar.

Entertainment Industry Foundation / Stand Up To Cancer

He was actually running as part of a campaign for Cancer Research UK, which demonstrated a need to accelerate cancer treatments in the UK.

14. When he did this, and was still gorgeous.


15. When he had the sweetest smile known to humankind.

Entertainment Film Distributors / Via

16. And finally, when he said this before realising that ALL HIS DREAMS WERE ABOUT TO COME TRUE! ⚡️

Welcome to the wizarding world, Newt Scamander! ✨

Welcome to the wizarding world, Newt Scamander! ✨

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