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20 Things That Happen When You Haven't Been To The Gym In Ages

You feel the burn. And it HURTS!

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1. In all honesty, when did you last go to the gym?

2. First Step: throw the old gym gear on. Looking good!

3. You arrive at the gym, feeling buzzed and ready for a great workout!

4. You slowly begin to feel pretty out of your league...

5. Just try and blend in and you'll be fine.

6. Let's go back to the basics with a nice jog on the treadmill.

7. 5 minutes in and you already have a stitch.

8. So you try your hand at something else. How about weights?

9. You subtly pick up the lightest pair of dumbbells.

10. It may take some time to master the technique again...

11. You wear a decidedly steely expression while lifting.

12. You think you look like this...

13. ...while you actually look more like this.

14. You're sweating in places you forgot were possible.

15. And you're drinking your bodyweight in water.

16. You already feel a little firmer, with a bounce in your step.

17. Them endorphins got you like...

18. ...but you also suddenly realise how exhausted and starving you are.

19. You wake up the next morning like this:

20. And make an executive decision to call this a rest day.

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