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17 Things You Know If You Love Cold Weather

The cold never bothered me anyway

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1. You don't get why people give cold weather such a hard time

2. You welcome the cold with open arms!

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3. Being warm-blooded definitely helps to bear the cold

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4. The frost makes everything look so beautiful

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5. There's nothing better than a crisp cold day teamed with a bright blue sky

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6. You love wearing layers upon layers of snug clothing

7. Fluffy socks bring so much happiness into your life

8. You have an amazing collection of winter accessories

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9. Although you can never resist buying more when winter comes around

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10. There's nothing better than a hot drink at the end of a cold day

11. Add a steaming hot bubble bath and you're in heaven

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12. There's something very romantic about sitting in a cosy cafe while it's cold outside

13. Winter strolls can be pretty magical to say the least

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14. Cold weather means having more cuddles to stay warm


15. And more nights in having movie marathons instead of going out

16. During the summer, it's just too damn hot and sweaty

17. The cold is where it's at!

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