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      1. Atheists are pseudo-intellectuals, they have no knowledge of the philosophical and scientific concepts surrounding the argument, for instance the fact that God created time and space therefore he exists beyond it, anything within time and space needs a beginning, God doesn’t need a beginning as he exists beyond time and space, nor can one attribute 4 dimensional characteristics like ‘spaghetti monster’ to God as he exists beyond time and space. They also cannot explain the origin of existence, the strong, electro-weak and electro-magnetic forces and relative particles or explain conscious experience. Also many atheists subscribe to the liberal religion and thus accept ridiculous theories out of a religious cognitive dissonance like the man made CO2 global warming theory which is shown to be a fraud with zero scientific evidence and overwhelming evidence against it, they also believe that moderate fires and localised asymmetric damage broke the laws of physics and brought down 3 skyscrapers symmetrically at controlled demolition speeds on 911.
      They also deny the blatantly obvious crimes of the bankers and their ownership of politicians of the left and right including their messiah Obama who has broken every promise and expanded war while destroying human rights at home and worldwide. Atheists it seems are religious and irrational. 2. They are not the least bit skeptical scientifically, they believe in man made global warming with zero evidence and never ask questions like “Why is there no equatorial hotspot predicted by the climate models? Why are we blaming CO2 when the mediaeval Warm Period was globally hotter with much less CO2 and why has it not warmed in 17 years despite record CO2 and why has antarctic ice massively increased and why do we say CO2 drives climate when it lags 800 years behind temperature rise in the ice core records?
      They are skeptical about so-called ‘conspiracy theories’ though but not from a scientific angle, instead from an emotive denialistic viewpoint, anything that challenges their fuzzy feel good liberal worldview is immediately wrong. 5. actually yes. Especially as they have no alternative explanation 7. No, atheists are invariably wrong for the reasons I have mentioned (see my comments on their lack of philosophical/scientific understanding of the ‘God’ issue, the man made global warming hoax, 911 being proven to be an inside job via Newtonian physics, and their inability to see Obama and politics for what it is) 8. Yet they believe in the biggest fairy tale of all, Global warming, the war on terror and the most fictional boogeyman of all time the 911 boogeyman Bin Laden!

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