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Nov 2015
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    sabrak2 commented on 19 People Shared Their Disney Parks Dining Hacks

    I love the blue bayou so much...but they will charge you for splitting. We went there in 2016 and they charged us $12 to split the monte cristo. You are definitely paying for the atmosphere, but just a heads up on splitting.

    1 year ago

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    sabrak2 commented on What's A Scary Story Your Family Has Passed Down For Generations?

    My family has a ghost or spirit that has been a part of my great grandma's, Grandma's, Mom's, and my life. She steals stuff. Not anything particularly important, but things you want in the moment. If anyone in the family is missing anything we just say "Okay Sam. Give it back please."… 

    2 years ago

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    sabrak2 commented on What’s The Spookiest Disney Park Theory You Know Of?

    I don't know if you are saying this happened on Disney property, but Disneyland Paris (or EuroDisney) wasn't being built, or even being constructed, during WW2. Even Disneyland in California wasn't being thought of at the time. But still, if that happened even before Disney took over… 

    3 years ago

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