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10 Reasons Hummus Is The Food That's Been Missing From Your Life

Hummus is as close to a friend as food can get. So grab yourself some Sabra Hummus and celebrate National Hummus Day on May 13!

Public Service Announcement: Hummus is BAE.

1. First of all, hummus is the kind of friend who encourages you to have that cake if you want that cake.

2. Hummus is there to help make sure you eat enough veggies.

3. Hummus knows you like a morning bagel but tries to make it even more delicious (which is true love).

4. Hummus fully supports ordering heavy salad dressing.

5. Hummus knows a good friend helps to make sure you feel good inside.

6. Hummus is also there to help you be fit and feeling good on the outside.

7. Hummus would never make fun of you for leaving out the cheese in your quesadilla.

8. Hummus is ready to bring some home-cooked pasta vibes to your friend/family dinner.

9. Hummus wants to pamper you with soup when you feel sick (or just want soup).

10. Hummus is in support of pizza. Case closed.

Images from Thinkstock. Designed by Jake Russell Tapleshay/BuzzFeed.

National Hummus Day is just around the corner. So go grab some Sabra Hummus for everyone you know and celebrate the day on May 13!