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10 Reasons Hummus Is The Food That's Been Missing From Your Life

Hummus is as close to a friend as food can get. So grab yourself some Sabra Hummus and celebrate National Hummus Day on May 13!

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1. First of all, hummus is the kind of friend who encourages you to have that cake if you want that cake.

Spicy hummus adds great flavor to classic baked goods such as cakes and muffins. It can also be used to substitute out some of the wet ingredients such as oil.

3. Hummus knows you like a morning bagel but tries to make it even more delicious (which is true love).

If you love a bagel (but are over the whole cream cheese thing), spread some hummus on top to add a little something special to your breakfast.

7. Hummus would never make fun of you for leaving out the cheese in your quesadilla.


Not everyone who likes cheese can eat cheese, but now there's hope. Substitute the queso in your quesadilla for hummus and live your best (lactose-free) life.

8. Hummus is ready to bring some home-cooked pasta vibes to your friend/family dinner.

Pasta can be a pretty heavy piece of most people's family dinners back home, but this hummus-based pasta is turning that heavy staple into something light and refreshing.

10. Hummus is in support of pizza. Case closed.

Hummus can be used to add something special to a lot of our favorite meals, and pizza is one of the best. Whether you substitute the sauce, the cheese, both, or neither, adding humus to pizza is a win for us all!

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