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10 Feelings Anyone Addicted To Guac Can Understand

Avoca-don’t mind if I do.

1. Shamelessly bringing a tub of guac to a party and eating the entire thing yourself.

2. Questioning friendships over a lackluster view on guac.

3. Feeling giddy when you get a side of guac without asking for it.

4. Ordering one bowl of guac and instantly worrying that it won't be enough.

5. Feeling horrified when you realize someone else finished the guac while you weren’t looking.

6. Feeling devastated when you finish your chips before you finish the bowl.

7. Getting minorly offended by the question “Would you like to add guac to that?”

8. Then stifling rage when they say, “You know it's extra, right?”

9. Wanting to order a strange meal purely because you see it comes with guac.

10. Having a small pre-dinner snack only to inevitably accept that your guac has become dinner.

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