20 Items From Hot Topic That Even Non-Emo Kids Will Want

    You would have never known.

    1. You may not have a mermaid's tail, but your feet can still be under the sea.

    2. Leggings that are out of this galaxy!

    3. You've got the beat in this super cute swim top.

    4. These pastel cat socks are too cute not to wear.

    5. Ohana means family. Look amazing when you see yours with this Lilo & Stitch eye shadow palette.

    6. The Queen of Tejano lives on with this tee.

    7. Relax in the bath with this teddy bear bubble bath.

    8. This tee that signifies you're more than "just a girl."

    9. Add a little color to your all black clothes with these booties.

    10. A perfect fit and flair dress for all the girls who want to be out on the sea.

    11. Rock the boat with this Aaliyah tee.

    12. Everyone will be starstruck when you wear this skater dress.

    13. Hamsa hands all over this cardigan will protect you.

    14. Get comfy and let out your wild side in this leopard-print lace cami.

    15. This 12-color palette to warm up your blackened heart.

    16. Brighten up your day with these ombre shorts.

    17. Spin around in a pink circle skirt.

    18. Be a babydoll with these bobby pins.

    19. Start a trend with this flower hand harness.

    20. Get those manicure goals with these gel-effect nail polishes.

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