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Giant Creatures Meet Belgrade

Discover Belgrade with diverse characters - a bit over-sized. They are not trapped here, they just can't resist it.

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Because Belgrade is AWESOME

Alice is not in Wonderland, she's in Belgrade

And this dog can't wait to play, drop that ball

Cats just love rooftops, this one found a good place

Some cats are more into nightlife

Or they're just grunge

Black cats can't miss any place in the world...


This cat is a bit late for exploring Belgrade with us...

Princess Ana playing in front of St. Sava Church

Fox jumping inside river

Wolf at Kalemegdan

This pug running around at Republic Square is waiting for you to see around

This kitty got tired and it's taking a nap under monument of VICTOR

Belgrade is so exciting, but everyone deserves resting at park Kosutnjak

Mable Pines sitting at the bridge

Giant, adorable pug attacks people of Belgrade

Mermaid at Ada

Perfect view at Belgrade

Penguin in Zemun says thank you! Visit Belgrade!

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