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10 Times Edmund Blackadder Was Your Spirt Animal

Oh God, what a way to die: shot by a transvestite on an unrealistic grassy knoll..

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1. When you're confused why a hot guy on Tinder is still single.. ah yes, there it is..

2. When your birthday is coming up and you know how to work it..

3. When your friend is constantly posting selfies, and you know they think they look good, but they actually look ridiculous..

4. How you felt when you messaged your bestie WhatsApp group to dish about the date you were currently on- but drunkenly messaged your date instead..

5. When you feel like a broken record raging at your boyfriend because he just doesn't listen..

6. When your PMS knows no bounds and ice cream laced with Midol is your only friend..

7. When a friend keeps bitching about the same thing over and over but you can't be bothered to say 'fuck off already, I get it!'

8. When you're going a bit cray cray because everyone is letting you down or just pissing you off..

9. When you know over-analyzing something is pointless, but you still do it..

10. After you have an epic day of retail therapy..

Pretty much..

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