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    Canadian Contingent Marching In Support Of Wounded Israeli Veterans

    Canadian “Masa Kumta” march is in support of important nonprofit

    Canadian Contingent Marching In Support Of Wounded Israeli Veterans

    From April 7 to 12, 19 brave Canadian volunteers will take part in a Masa Kumta beret march – a grueling 90-kilometre march that all Israel Defence Forces soldiers are required to complete.

    But, unlike others who have taken part in the march, the goal here isn’t to complete the mandatory IDF program. It’s to support an Israeli nonprofit organization called Brothers for Life.

    Brothers for Life pairs wounded Israeli soldiers with veterans who have undergone a similar ordeal, offering a nurturing and supportive network that helps them “reclaim their lives, fulfill their dreams, and continue to serve and inspire the Jewish nation.”

    The fundraising effort, the idea of Rabbi Aaron Flanzraich of Beth Sholom Synagogue in Toronto, is a bid to support those heroes who were injured while defending the Jewish homeland.

    One participant, B’nai Brith Canada board member David Berger, was inspired to take part in the Masa Kumta by both his father, a former Israeli veteran who passed away in January, and his son, who is serving as a lone soldier in the IDF. 

    To support Berger on his journey, please click here.

    “There are Israeli veterans who have lost their limbs, legs, and suffered through countless injuries,” Berger said. “I met one soldier who was shot in the throat, and it clipped his spine. Doctors didn’t think he was going to walk again. But, thanks to the support of Brothers for Life, when I met him he was walking perfectly. He now participates in the march himself.”

    This will be the first Masa Kumta march in support of an Israeli nonprofit, and the first time an international contingent will be embarking on it. Upon their completion, the Canadians will arrive at Masada hoisting the flags of both Canada and Israel.

    “It will be a powerful symbol of the connection that Canada and Canadian Jews have with the Jewish homeland,” Rabbi Flanzraich said.

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