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Posted on Jun 19, 2017

We Replaced The Cast Of "The Bachelorette" With Dogs

Half of the men act like dogs anyway, so we changed them to the cute, furry ones.

If you've lived under a rock the past month, this is Rachel Lindsay, the newest Bachelorette.

Paul Hebert (ABC) / Getty Images

She's a legend, just so you know.

These are the men that are vying for her heart this season. Most of them are unimpressive.

Craig Sjodin (ABC) / Getty Images

In fact, some of them are dogs...

So we thought: what if we replaced the men...with dogs?

Noel Vasquez / Getty Images

I mean, at least Copper will have someone else to play with, right?

1. Romi, a 4 year old puppy lawyer.

Ronaldo Schemidt / AFP / Getty Images

From San Francisco, this pupper loves fighting the injustices made against pound-sent dogs. After a long 18 months working in the courts, Romi's here to stop searching for the gal of his dream on Puppr (the human version of Tinder).

2. Bruno: a 3.5 year old professional paw model.

Dan Kitwood / Getty Images

This good boy is looking for a bad girl to help him out of his circles. His loves long walks in the park and finding sticks to chew.

3. Angus, a 5 year old dog house renovator.

Tim P. Whitby / Getty Images

With a successful real estate company and a fierce jacket, Angus is looking for someone to share that (and his favorite squeaky toy) with.

4. Benny, a 2 year old "Bow-Wow."

Drew Angerer / Getty Images

This energetic pup describes himself and everything around him in two word: "bow wow." But don't think he's here for an extra "awwww" or two on TV, he's totally ready to settle down.

5. James, a 4 year old digger.

Jamie Mccarthy / Getty Images

A young protege and member of the digging industry for 3 years, James says that he wants a girl who he's willing to have dirty paws for so her paws stay clean.

6. Fluffy, a 2.5 year old sheepdog.

Ian Forsyth / Getty Images

While Fluffy is ready to be lead to love, he's got some skepticism. However, putting his family's sheep herding business on the line by leaving for Rachel, he hopes to be proven wrong.

7. George, a 4 year old human whisperer.

Timothy A. Clary / AFP / Getty Images

George is ready for a passionate summer with Rachel. He even thinks he has a few paws up in the competition. With his experience in talking to humans about their problems, he hopes he can use his language skills to woo Rachel.

8. Chris, a 5 year old social media pup-ager.

Jamie Mccarthy / Getty Images

This furry stud is ready for the summer. Though he's on the older side of this year's cast, he knows he can hang with Rachel and the other contestants. He's not a regular dog, he's a cool dog.

9. Brad, a 3.5 "cuddle monster."

Matt Cardy / Getty Images

Brad loves cuddles, so he's ready to spend the next few months being squeezed by Rachel. His favorite quote? "I'm a cuddler, not a fighter."

10. Matt, a 3 year old "fetch."

Matt Cardy / Getty Images

With a Instagram account of over 3,000 followers, there are two things that Matt knows. 1) Rachel is going to find him irresistible, and 2) he will make "fetch" happen.

11. Terry, a 4.5 pup patrol officer.

Drew Angerer / Getty Images

Terry isn't new to the dating game, but he's new to doing this on TV. While that may be nerve-wracking to some, for Terry, this no-nonsense officer is never shaken (unless thunder is involved).

12. Sparky, a 2 year old professional stunt dog

Chris J Ratcliffe / Getty Images

This fast, street-smart, pup is no stranger to danger (he even went to the pound once!). However, Sparky has come into this ready to head on his biggest danger yet -- his quest for love.

  1. 13. Now that you've met these good boys, which pupper should Rachel choose?

    Now that you've met these good boys, which pupper should Rachel choose?

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13. Now that you've met these good boys, which pupper should Rachel choose?
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