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This Guy Confuses “The Proud Family” Characters And Is Rightfully Dragged By Twitter

"That's Lacienega Boulevardez, you uncultured swine"

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Evan likes basketball, I guess.

*extremely annoying whiny voice* You're professionals, not kids.

I don't know what's going on here, but there's trash talking, so he's obvs a sports fan.

Evan, like any human with a soul, thought this was funny. So he decided to tweet about it. But...

Kevin Durant looks like Penny Proud when she joined the swim team

Because Twitter combines both the best and pettiest people in the world, they were quick to drag him.

Like this.

@EvanHebert @poofymexican you really called her Penny and i want you to delete this


And this one.

@EvanHebert this isn't penny proud, mind your caucasian business Herbert

The library is currently open.

This one in particular really resonated with me.

That's Lacienega Boulvadarez you uncultured swine

It may be harsh, but it's the true tea.

This humanitarian tried to help Evan recover from his massive L.

@EvanHebert Here since you want it to be Penny so bad

@ scientists or whatever, give this person a Nobel Peace Prize, pls.

Eventually, poor Evan couldn't handle the shame and issued a retraction.

I am sad to announce that this is actually not Penny Proud, but rather her arch rival LaCienega Boulevardez

He also tweeted to check out his Venmo, but I refuse to give money to uncultured swines.

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