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16 Things People With Gap Teeth Can Relate To

"It's not your fault you're so gap-toothed."

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2. Going above and beyond a typical dental hygiene routine to distract others from your gap.

Silviajansen / Getty Images

Tooth Fairy shook, dentists everywhere shook, Chip Skylark shook.


7. Listening to that T*ylor Sw*ft song where she says “I love the gap between your teeth."

Global / Via GIPHY

Even if you think she's a snake, you bopped to that line and that line ONLY.


9. Finding out the hidden meanings of what it meant to have gap teeth.


It also gave you luck, so you thought the one good about having a gap would be a healthy love life.

12. Being told by your parents that you don't need braces because your gap teeth gave you “character”…

Shironosov / Getty Images

"Keep your mushy one-liners for Hallmark, you cheapskate parents." - your angsty teenage self, probably.


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