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    20 Interesting Facts About Kylie Jenner

    Do you know what her middle name is?

    Today is Kylie's 20th birthday, and in honor of it, here are 20 facts about her that you might not have known.


    1. Kylie has the eighth-highest number of Instagram followers.

    2. Kylie once said in an interview that she "can't remember a time" when she wasn't in the spotlight. KUWTK starting when she was 9 years old.

    3. Kylie was homeschooled during her last few years of high school and would learn for about three or four hours a day.

    4. In 2017, Kylie was the 59th-highest-paid celeb of the year, according to Forbes. She was 19 at the time — the youngest person on the list.

    5. In 2012, Kylie and Kendall began collaborating with PacSun for an exclusive clothing line that is still sold in stores today.

    6. Kylie says she steals clothes from Kim and Kendall the most.

    7. Kylie's middle name is Kristen.

    8. Kylie "rapped" on Burberry Perry's song "Beautiful Day" with best friend Jordyn Woods.

    9. In 2015, Kylie sought out the rights to register the name "Kylie" for advertising and endorsement services, but was unable to after Kylie Minogue filed a notice of opposition, "citing possible confusion and 'damage' to her branding."

    10. Kylie cowrote a young-adult fiction novel with Kendall and ghostwriter Maya Sloan that centered on a dystopian world.

    11. Kylie was a guest on an episode of America's Next Top Model.

    12. Kylie first met Caitlyn Jenner over FaceTime after she had her wisdom teeth removed.

    13. Although she doesn't use filters all that often, Kylie loves to use VSCO to edit her photos.

    14. Kylie's favorite emoji is the red matte heart that resembles the one from the card deck.

    15. Kylie's first dog, Norman, was a Christmas gift from her ex Tyga.

    16. Kylie's first phone was a white LG Chocolate.

    17. Kylie's nickname in high school was Kandy.

    18. Kylie's favorite show is currently The Handmaid's Tale.

    19. If she weren't famous, Kylie has said that she'd be a makeup artist.

    20. Kylie has said that she wants a baby by age 30.

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