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    Justin Bieber Is Friends With A Pastor And He's Hot As Hell

    I want him to give me the holy spirit.

    I've got a new hot guy for y'all, so here we go! This is Carl Lentz (with Justin Bieber, who he's been spotted with a lot recently).

    He's a MAN. He's also a pastor for Hillsong, a church in New York City.

    Welp, that's enough exposition — it's photo time, sweeties.

    Here he is showing us how to stan actual legends.

    Here he is being a ~dad~.

    Here he is taking a photo with that fan again.

    Here he is being a ~dad~ AGAIN.

    Here he is being a sp*rts fan because we can't all be perfect.


    RIP, why is this all of us?

    That is all.

    PS, here's me thirst following, AGAIN.