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    Phill Lewis's Kid Got Her Driver's License And He Made The Best Disney Channel Joke

    "Would you like AMMMMM or FMMMMM?"

    This is Phill Lewis.

    You may remember him as Mr. Marion Moseby in The Suite Life of Zach and Cody.

    One of his best moments on Suite Life was when he taught London to drive.

    Now as a dad, Phill got to travel back in time and relive that moment when his own daughter learned to drive. And while it might seem like a bad thing...

    ..this time, she knew what the PRNDL was!

    It was a close one, but she remembered where the PRNDL was! #seconddaughter


    When his first daughter learned to drive, it was just as exciting.

    My daughter got her drivers license today- it's a good thing she knew where the PRNDL was!


    Queens of knowing what the PRNDL is.

    @ Phill, pls open your own school and teach us to drive.

    We promise not to run in your lobby.

    Congrats, Lewis family! We wanted to ask Annie the burning question...

    But I guess she already asked it!

    The instructor wasn't too happy when I asked him if he wanted AMM or FMM


    Peace out!