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If You've Done 21/36 Of These Things, You're A True "Parks And Rec" Fan

"Love? Love fades away. But [this post]? Is forever."

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  1. Celebrated Galentine's Day
    Quoted it with your friends
    Treated yo'self
    Had a designated Garry/Jerry/Larry/Terry of your friend group
    Been inspired to work in government...
    ...or to destroy it à la Ron Swanson.
    Wanted Chris Pratt to drop an Andy Dwyer/Mouse Rat album...
    ...or have Nick Offerman drop a Duke Silver album.
    Cried during Lil' Sebastian's funeral service
    You've gained an affinity for waffles and all breakfast food
    Called a librarian a "punk ass book jockey" behind their back
    Ordered a calzone for Ben
    Called desserts "zerts..."
    ...or sandwiches "sammies"/"sandoozles"/"Adam Sandlers..."
    ...or fried chicken "fry fry chicky chick."
    Hated skim milk more than lying...
    ...because it's water lying about being milk.
    Renamed a plant and gave it a rapper's name
    Scoffed at someone for eating a salad
    Scoured the internet for every blooper reel
    Been skeptical of women named Tammy
    Had a discussion about Mark Brendanawicz quitting
    Wished you could replace your government with the "P&R" cast
    Gave your BFF compliments like Leslie gave Ann compliments
    Have literally used the word "literally" 10 times more than you used to
    Dress up for Halloween as Leslie and Ben with your partner...
    ...or Andy and April...
    ...or Chris and Ann.
    You cried when you found out Ron and Leslie hated each other in Season 7...
    ...and when Chris and Ann moved to Michigan...
    ...and when Ben proposed to Leslie.
    You've "looked into the camera" like Ben
    You describe yourself as a Leslie or Ann...
    ...when you're probably a Craig (but that's OK, too!).
    You've texted someone "I like you, and I love you"
    Wanted to live in Pawnee, Indiana

If You've Done 21/36 Of These Things, You're A True "Parks And Rec" Fan

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